Friday, August 22, 2008

"The Day That Never Comes" just arrived for Metallica

Metallica fans all around the world finally got a taste of the band's latest studio album Death Magnetic with the release of the single "The Day That Never Comes." While the group had debuted another new song entitled "Cyanide" at Ozzfest, this is the first official release of material from their upcoming LP.

The song is a complete reversal of the sound Metallica was reaching for on the much maligned St. Anger, channeling their classic period with a hint of the 90s era. Don't be surprised if the opening few minutes of the song remind you of "Fade To Black," or "The Unforgiven," because the vibe is very much similar to those stellar tracks. The dueling guitar harmonies are back, as are the mind numbingly fast solos, delivered by one Kirk Hammett. Sure the lyrics are a bit cheesy in areas, but Metallica really never delivered incredibly profound wordplay.


Music Guru said...

I just found this song... and I'll be honest with you.. I'm still on the fence about it.. but then again, I am one of the few that actually liked St. Anger ( I loved the return of the Metallica that actully tried to play fast and hard instead of playing to the crowd.) These guys made their mark on music by going completely against the grain, I mean seriously was there anything mainstream that sounded remotely similar to "One", then they released the atrocious black album, gained some adult contemporary cred with "The Unforgiven" and went into a spiral of lackluster, radio friendly, sell-out tunes. I was releived and overjoyed when I heard the opening moments of "St. Anger" it was loud it was pissed, and it was awesome. Unfortunately they seem to have taken a sting from the relative failure of St. Anger and went back to the sell-out Metallica I so desperately despised. Here's to hoping this fails too and they get pissed again! By the way I love the blog, I added a link to you on my site...

Jeff Clutterbuck said...

See, while I am appreciative of the direction Metallica attempted to go in with St. Anger, I think it just failed miserably. Some Kind of Monster I think reveals the flaws in their approach; the lyrics were literally tossed out there with little regard for quality, and the tension within the band made it difficult to work together. Hell, one of the staples of Metallica is the guitar solo, and you had Ulrich wanting to phase them out. It was a good idea, just executed poorly IMO.

Anonymous said...

ugh…heard this self-indulgent song on the radio over the weekend.

Lars - learn some new beats. please.

hettfield and hammett - hummmm…still playing riffs like some kind of guitar hero eh? sounds like something off the black album - riffs initially like enter sandman - basic note playing skill that sounds like a 5th grader (hettfield) just picked up a guitar two months ago and is trying to impress his GF

Wait, don’t forget, the master of going up and down the frets like Zuiphar, master of the gratiutous guitar heros! - someone should tell Kirk to get a life. So he can move his fingers fast - who cares? it sounds terrible. less is more?

So - in guitars, you either have to hear hetttfield learning how to play, with his stupid lyrics or KIRK playing way too much.

maybe if no one buys this album they will go away.