Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Live Album Lives

Of all the retrospectives we've ever done, one of the hardest to schedule out was the Concert Classics retro from November 2008. There were just so many worthy albums to consider, and so many different ways of approaching the whole thing. I mean, a number of the greatest acts ever to walk the stage (I'm thinking especially of the Beatles and Led Zeppelin) never put out a live album that lived up to the exhilaration of seeing them in concert. And some of the best live albums in rock history were released by bands whose studio work (and success) never quite matched up to the sheer power they were capable of delivering on stage.

In the latter camp falls one of the last albums to be trimmed off of our Nov. '08 schedule, one that arguably should have made the cut -- UFO's 1978 classic Strangers In The Night. I'm not out to settle the argument here... but I did finally finish the review.

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