Sunday, September 18, 2011

Internet radio you control: MOG makes a move

I've been a Pandora fan for years and have stations galore set up.  It's great to be introduced to new artists through their music genome technology, and the ads are a minor annoyance that's easily ignored.

Sometimes, though, you just want to hear songs by a particular artist -- or even a particular song.  Can't do that on Pandora -- but you can on another music service we're fans of: MOG.

Berkeley-based MOG, founded in 2005 by former Gracenote CEO David Hyman, is an on-demand listening service offering access to a library of over 12 million songs and a million albums through its mobile apps on iPhone and Android, as well as on the Web and streaming entertainment devices for TV.

The edge MOG offers is its radio functionality, chiefly a slider control you can use to calibrate whether you want a single-artist station, just a few similar artists sprinkled in here and there on your artist-dominated station, or the same sort of variety that Pandora automatically locks you into.  You control the experience... and that makes the experience a lot more fun.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Deadheads alive and well (and apparently not feeling the recession)

Anyone looking for a recession-proof business should look no further than the logo at right.  Jerry Garcia may be Dead and gone 15 years hence, but his Grateful bandmates live on, and his absence certainly hasn't stopped the wheels of commerce -- nor, apparently, should it.  You see, Rhino recently cranked out a box set that not just borders on, but passes directly into the realm of absurdity -- Europe '72 The Complete Recordings is 72 CDs, 70 total hours of music comprising every single note played live on the Dead's 1972 European tour.  The kicker?  The set sold out all 7,200 copies, at $450 a pop retail, in no time at all, and word is they are now being auctioned on eBay for hundreds more over retail.  Now that's what I call a sustainable business...!