Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Daily Vault 101

Do you love music? No, really love it. Not sing-in-the-shower love it. Not browse-the-shelves-at-Target-for-your-niece love it. We’re talking memorizing-liner-notes, reciting-bands’-family-trees, don’t-really-get-the-humor-in-Hi Fidelity-because-it’s-us love it. If the answer is yes (and even if it’s no, because in the end we’re just not that picky about who reads our stuff), we hope you'll enjoy the Daily Vault.

The Vault is one of the oldest and largest repositories of music reviews on the Web, founded in January, 1997, by Chicago-area music fanatic Christopher Thelen (a.k.a. Bob Pierce). Today it holds more than 5,000 reviews of more than 2,400 different musical artists. From the start, the Vault has sought to serve the widest possible audience, reviewing music of all genres (from classical to death metal, from unknown indies to global superstars) and from all eras (new, old and in-between).

In January 2003 Chris stepped down from his responsibilities for day-to-day operations and today, the Daily Vault is managed by Editor Jason Warburg and Assistant Editor Benjamin Ray. The site's review panel features writers from all across the globe (past and current staff hail from Canada, Great Britain, India, Ireland, Norway, the Philippines, South Korea, and the USA). All are welcome and, with any luck, all have a good time.

In this space we will offer random tidbits of music news, trivia, review promos and humor. What exactly that will end up looking like we can't say for sure at this point. We only know this: with the crew of writers we have working behind the scenes, it won't be boring!

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