Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bryan Adams confronts fan sites (he has fan sites?)

A few years back when Prince sicced his unholy hordes of attorneys on a bunch of fan sites who were guilty mainly of promoting the man's career for free, Daily Vault Founder Christopher Thelen vented his spleen in the Purple One's general direction. For many years Prince reviews were simply not available on the site, replaced by this note.

So you might be forgiven for wondering how the DV might react to the recent news that Bryan Adams has pulled almost the same bonehead maneuver, sending the Web Sheriff (no, really, that's their company name) after a bunch of fan sites and even a tribute band?

First, obviously, we have to stop laughing. A Bryan Adams tribute band? Seriously?

Fortunately, we understand from this article in the UK Register that Adams has stopped short of lawyering up and is in fact in the process of working out mutually agreeable arrangements with said fan sites. A much better outcome for all concerned, though it may represent a lost opportunity for Adams. I mean, a ban from the Daily Vault certainly would have been the most attention he's gotten from us in years...

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Christopher Thelen said...

There is a major difference between what Bryan Adams is doing (though WebSheriff seems a little cloudy to me) and the Purple Midget (PM) did. PM had his hired guns threaten all fan sites with leagl action because he wanted to be the source for news about himself. Adams seems like he's mostly concerned with sites that have links to pirated material and torrents - and, when you don't have the kind of album sales that he used to, I can understand that. So, sorry, Jas, but I won't be calling for Bryan Adams to be banned from "The Daily Vault".