Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pearl Jam revisits Ten

Pearl Jam fans (e.g. our own DV alumnus Benjamin Ray) will be laughing that it took me a week to catch up to this news, but hey, better late than never. And the news, as reported in this MSNBC article, is big. In this reissue-crazy era, it may not exactly rate screaming headlines when Pearl Jam decides to rerelease their milestone 1991 debut disc Ten. But how about when they reissue it with both a digitally remastered mix of the original album plus a complete stem-to-stern remix of the same album by Brendan O'Brien, the producer who made his name helming the band's subsequent four albums? Plus six unreleased tracks from the Ten era?

Getting warmer?

Then how about the “Legacy” edition, which adds a DVD of Pearl Jam’s previously unreleased 1992 performance on MTV Unplugged?

Careful now, try not to drool.

Oh, and then there's the "Super Deluxe Edition," whose name screams "rip-off," but which contains the Legacy package plus vinyl, plus beautiful and unique packaging, plus -- don't let us forget this part -- the virtual Holy Grail of Pearl Jam fandom. In 1990, Vedder and future bandmates Stone Gossard, Mike McCready and Jeff Ament traded tapes, creating a legendary cassette demo that led to Vedder joining the band. Scratchy bootlegs of the demo tape have circulated for years; the deluxe edition of Ten will include "a crystal-clear dub of the tape on a replica cassette." Yowza. The reissue drops March 24; pre-order now at

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Anonymous said...

This special edition is a joke and a half. Only two really "new" things here: State of Love and Trust (demo, which I presume has Dave Krusen drumming but for some reason I don't think the song was written as early in spring 91') and 2000 Mile Blues, an improv jam that is random junk with Eddie mumbling over it I suppose. You can use your imagination about the songs they could've included on here that super-rare but the most notable is the Beatles cover, "I've Got A Feeling" that was only the Japanese version of Ten. The other songs have been circulated as bootlegs for many years now. I'm not sure why they couldn't include more demos from the Ten era besides just these. They're definitely in the vaults. They just don't want to do the work and listen to them or its being saved for a post-breakup boxed set in 2020 for their 30th anniversary. Who knows? Also, I thought instead of the Unplugged DVD they could've given us the January 1992 Moore Theater show from the Even Flow video. It looks more dramatic and hasn't been ever circulated but the footage certainly exists of the partial show. Certain songs we're blacked out. Come on guys, try harder than this for the Vs. and Vitalogy reissues.