Thursday, December 3, 2009

Old And Wise.

Yesterday, Eric Woolfson, the lead vocalist and lyricist of the Alan Parsons Project, died at age 64.

For anyone with even a passing familiarity with my musical tastes and my ten years of reviews on the Daily Vault, this is obviously a huge, earth-shattering, sad and painful time for me. The first album I ever bought was the Project's Turn Of A Friendly Card.

It's been 24 hours or more, and I still haven't fully comprehended my feelings about it. I feel old. I feel worn. I feel like more and more of my childhood is slipping beyond that big grey veil -- the veil that I get closer to every day. And, frankly, I don't like it.

What I'm clinging to now is a line from Woolfson's post-Project work, the musical Poe. This is a video of Steve Balsamo singing Eric's song "Immortal":

There's the lines, at the end:"If you remember me... I am immortal."

What is remembered, lives.

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