Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Grammy time, part II

Next up in our Grammy discussion are the nominees for Album of the Year:
  • Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace --Foo Fighters
  • These Days -- Vince Gill
  • River: The Joni Letters-- Herbie Hancock
  • Graduation -- Kanye West
  • Back To Black -- Amy Winehouse


1 comment:

Michael Ehret said...

Vince Gill will never win it, but he should. How many artists could pull off, successfully, a four disc album that's NOT a normal Greatest Hits collection with benefits? Four thematic discs of previously unreleased tunes -- and all of them wonderful. But country winning the Grammy AoY? Dream on Vince, though you should win it.

Herbie Hancock? I don't think so. The disc was brilliant in places, stultifying in others...and Joni released her own album this year.

Kanye? Oh please...

Winehouse? Famous for what? Writing her own intervention song? And failing to get the hint?

Foos? Am not at all familiar with them, let alone the disc, so I can't make a call here.

It should be Vince, but I doubt it will be.