Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Journey goes international

One of the hardest things for any band to do is replace its lead singer. It surely doesn't help if said lead singer has a distinctive voice around which the band has built its entire repertoire.

Post-Steve Perry, Journey has had some significant singer issues. Steve Augeri and Jeff Scott Soto are both pros who gave it their best, but Perry's distinctive voice and amazing ability to hit the high notes made him an almost impossible act to follow.

None of which really explains this blog post since, to be honest, I've never been a big fan of Journey even if they are my Bay Area homeys. Ah, but the latest twist in Journey history is worthy of the movie Rock Star -- hell, it's worthy of a much better movie than that.

It seems co-founder and lead guitarist Neal Schon got so discouraged about finding the next "next Steve Perry" that he went on YouTube and spent hours watching bad Journey cover bands -- surely a painful process for anyone, but no one moreso than the guy at the center of the real thing.

And then he found this.

And this. And this.

Arnel Pineda is not exactly a household name in the U.S., being as his career apex to date was playing in a cover band in Quezon City, The Philippines. But one listen to this guy is all I needed to be convinced Journey did the right thing when they announced today that Pineda is their new lead singer.

Welcome to the States, Arnel!

P.S. Sample comments from YouTube:

"Man, it's ridiculous. There can't be this many guys that sound like Steve Perry."

"As a MAJOR Steve Perry fan, this guy is dead on. Bring him on!"

Funnier yet are the snarky commenters who insist he must be lip-synching over the original Perry vocal track. Um, no.

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Michael Ehret said...


That is freaky scary.

I've heard too many people try to "do" Steve Perry -- but yikes! You almost want to believe he's singing over Perry's vocal track, it's that on.