Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Chinese Democracy: any day now, really, we mean it

Making fun of the industry joke that is the "band" Guns N'Roses is so easy at this point that it's become the moral equivalent of cruelty to small animals. So we'll give you the very latest with as straight a face as we can muster: Axl says the band is "in negotiations" for the release of the long-rumored album Chinese Democracy, and the band professes to have no idea why guitarist Robin Finck up and left to return to touring with his old band Nine Inch Nails.

Not that Axl's former bandmates have had much better luck with their latter-day frontman. What can you say but bad karma all around.


Jason Warburg said...

Postscript: With Monday's release of The Slip, NIN has now issued two albums in three months. Score that one Trent 3 (two albums and a guitarist), Axl 0.

Anonymous said...

Guns N' Roses - Chinese Democracy (2008)

(9 tracks from CD)

1. Better
2. Chinese Democracy
3. IRS
4. Madagascar
5. Riyadh & The Bedouins (New Song #1)
6. New Song #2
7. If The World (Would End Today) (New Song #3)
8. The Blues
9. There Was a Time

Ripped mp3@192kbps CBR