Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Black Crowes "Jealous" of Gretchen Wilson?

Shades of the "My Sweet Lord" / "He's So Fine" debacle... country singer Gretchen Wilson stands accused of lifting the Black Crowes' 1991 hit "Jealous Again" for the basic melody of her new single "Work Hard, Play Harder," currently being used in advertising for the TNT series Saving Grace. E! Online invites you to compare the two songs' videos, and I'd have to say the evidence is pretty damning. The choruses are different, but the verses are dead on other than Wilson's version being countried up a bit.

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Casey said...

I hadn't heard about this.
Fact is...I hadn't heard either song.
Went and listened and...SHAM...looks like a bit of obvious pilfering going on.

On a side note...That was a tasty Black Crowes song/video. And...Man...were they ever skinny!

I also went and read Christopher Thelen's review at your site...and he mentions what a great album this song came from. (Always fun to explore your "Vault" reviews).
Good Stuff!