Sunday, July 13, 2008

Richard Thompson covers Britney Spears

No, seriously. And it sounds, well, pretty damned good.


Casey said...

Now that...was interesting.
Incredible how a song so...fluff. (and I like Britany's version)...can be re-interpreted and made to sound...important.
Great find!
And Great blog and site.
I visit...well...daily!

Jason Warburg said...

"...important." Exactly! Thompson plays it straight and the song actually sounds rather weighty and impressive.

Thanks for the comments, Casey, and hope you'll keep reading!

Bruce Rusk said...

Funny how a different arrangement can do that. Recently I heard a local Ska band rework A-Ha's silly "Take On Me" with a full horn section and it was brilliant.

Kudos to Thompson. As aways he's way ahead of the curve.

Melanie Love said...

Awesome! I like a way of listening to Britney Spears that doesn't leave me regressing to the '90s.

Also, Glen Hansard (of recent Once fame, also of The Frames) did an another excellent cover of Spears' Everytime and Justin Timberlake's Cry Me A River that completely make you forget their origins.